Albanian Highway Concession

Safety Measures, Technologies and Tools

Albanian Highway Concession has designed and implemented a series of solutions in the technological aspect, to enable the increase of the safety of the Highway users as well as of the employees that operate along it.


Our solutions are:

Call Tunnel Management: combination of several specific software (SCADA, Automatic Incident Detection System, Full HD Camera Monitoring System, Automatic Ventilation System, etc.…), capable of enabling Tunnel traffic management with the main emphasis on security

Dynamic monitoring of vehicles with weight above the allowed rate: a platform that integrates several technologies, which makes possible the dynamic weighing of vehicles and real-time identification of vehicles with weight over the allowed rate.


Traffic Management

System: a system composed of several sub-systems, which enable the increase of road safety and its most effective management. To achieve this goal are used technologies such as: Remote Monitoring and Control Center, Variable Message Panels, various sensors that transmit data in real time in the Control Center, H24 monitoring system with Full HD camera, etc

Benefits and advantages of the above solutions:

  • Maximum safety of Highway users and employees
  • Road infrastructure safety
  • H24 monitoring of key parts of the Highway
  • Real time information of Highway users, for various events, accidents, open sites, traffic or atmospheric conditions
  • Mobilizing resources such as recovery crews, emergency services, etc
  • Managing incidents
  • Improve the safety of the Highway during times of abnormal traffic conditions and incidents
  • Detect incidents
  • Respond rapidly and accurately to incidents and mobilize appropriate resourcesTraffic management Facilities
  • Lane Control Signals- used for controlling each lane, displaying speed limit, general road sign aspects and other aspects for managing lane users
  • Variable Message Signs – used for displaying text massages to drivers
  • Traffic Monitoring Outstations – used for gathering traffic data and detection of incidents
  • CCTV Cameras – used for visual monitoring of the highway
  • Meteorological Outstations – used for monitoring of the weather and environmental conditions, providing information to drivers, and for contract performance monitoring and reporting