Road Safety

Albanian Highway Concession has designed and implemented a series of solutions in the technological aspect, to enable the increase of the safety of the Highway users as well as of the employees that operate along it.


Our solutions are:


Thira Tunnel Management: a combination of several specific software (SCADA, Automatic Incident Detection System, Full HD Camera Monitoring System, Automatic Ventilation System, etc.…), capable of enabling Tunnel traffic management with the main emphasis on security.


Dynamic monitoring of vehicles with weight above the allowed rate: a platform that integrates several technologies, which makes possible the dynamic weighing of vehicles and real-time identification of vehicles with weight above the allowed rate.


Traffic Management System: a system composed of several sub-systems, which enable the increase of road safety and its most effective management. To achieve this goal are used technologies such as: Remote Monitoring and Control Centre, Variable Message Panels, various sensors that transmit data in real time in the Control Centre, H24 monitoring system with Full HD camera, etc.


Benefits and advantages of the above solutions:


  • Maximum safety of Highway users and employees
  • Safety of road infrastructure
  • H24 monitoring of key parts of the Highway


Real-time information of Highway users, for various events, accidents, open sites, traffic or atmospheric conditions

Thirra Tunnel and The Highways Plants


Thirra tunnel equipment’s, systems, and other road plants are under the maintenance of the electrical department. Routine checks are made every day and whenever problems are identified, interventions are made in real time, ensuring road users for smooth and safe movement. Maintenance teams are present 24/24 and 365 days and on standby for any possible breakdown.


If problems or breakdowns related to street lighting are identified by road users, they are advised not to intervene themselves as they may be exposed to fatal risks but please contact the green number 08000400 and maintenance groups will come to take appropriate technical measures.


Variable Message Panels


Variable Message Panels are structures installed along the Milot – Morine highway, on existing interchange, dedicated to transmitting information about the Highway situation, in real time.


Through Variable Message Panels, Highway users are informed before entering the Highway, giving them the opportunity to access it or not. These users are also informed along the way on the Highway, with variable messages in Albanian and English language about various events, incidents, construction or maintenance sites, traffic or atmospheric conditions.


Only during situations with normal traffic, i.e., when there are no events to highlight, the panels transmit other typologies of messages, such as:

  • Road Safety and driving behaviour (seat belt, safety distance, etc.…)
  • Services available on the Highway (Green Number, website, etc.…)

Currently on the Highway are installed 20 panels with variable messages.


Among other things, Variable Message Panels are for us a very important communication tool that we use to improve the behaviour in the direction of tools by users. Statistics show that over 90% of fatal accidents are the result of misbehaviour by users.