24H Patrol, IT & Electrical

The concession company “Albanian Highway Concession” in accordance with the concession contract for the highway Milot-Morinë has realized the construction of road lights at the following junctions:


Existing interchanges before the effective date of the concession contract.


  • Milot Interchange
  • Km 10, Skuraj Interchange.
  • Rubik Interchange
  • Row Interchange
  • Reps Interchange
  • Km 45 + 440 Interchange
  • Fan Interchange
  • Km 98, Ura Kukes Interchange


Interchanges constructed after the effective date of the concession contract.


  • Kalimash Interchange
  • Mamez Interchange
  • Km 103, Gjegjan Interchange
  • Km 108, Bardhoc Interchange
  • Km 109, Bardhoc I Ri Interchange
  • Morine Interchange
  • Rexhal Interchange
  • Morine Dogana Interchange


The design of street lighting is done based on road standards with light flux suitable for highway frequencies. LED technology has been used to have the most efficient use of electricity. The installation of streetlights is done in accordance with the rules and laws in force to have maximum safety during their use. With the installation of streetlights, a great convenience has been created for the highway passers-by and based on the statistics a decrease in the number of accidents has also been noticed.


During the construction and management of these streetlights, investments have been made for the community near the highway, such as new power lines, improvement of connection points used by the Community and the Concessionaire. All street lighting along the Milot-Morine highway is administered and maintained by the concession company.