Toll Plaza And Toll Lanes

The Toll Plaza has 10 lanes, 5 lanes per each direction (Milot – Morine, Morine-Milot)

The toll lanes include Manual (Cash, Credit / Debit) and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) (OBU) lanes.

Payment summary/ lane

M – The manual lane is a tolling system where the toll payment operations are managed by a human operator (toll collector). The user can pay using cash or bank cards.

MEW – The manual extra-wide lane is designed to handle normal and oversized vehicles.

M + ETC – In mixed mode lanes the Assistance kiosk is replaced with a toll booth. The ETC user is managed as in ETC lanes and doesn’t need to stop sideways the toll booth except if he needs assistance.  The other users instead, must pay to the toll collector.

MR – Manual Reversible lane is a lane in which the Concessionaire can change the direction based on the flow of the traffic.

ETC – Electronic Toll Collection lane is for vehicles using an OBU (On board unit) with prepaid transits , recognized automatically by the system when the vehicle enters the ETC lane.

MIXED MODE M+ETC – This lane is both Manual and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).



The vehicle categorization is based upon the vehicle number of axles, twin wheels detection, height of vehicle and presence of trailers.


The toll collection process foresees all the options for tolling payment:

  • cash (any combination of coins and banknotes all-LEK) – manual lanes only;
  • foreign currencies (only banknotes in EUR) – manual lanes only;
  • bank cards – manual lanes;
  • exempted vehicles (identified on license plate basis) – manual lanes only;
  • extra-wide vehicles which cannot use other lanes – manual extra-wide lane only.
  • ETC payment (OBUs issued by the Concessionaire)

Exchange rate at Toll Commencing date: EUR = 131.45 LEK