Abnormal Loads Authorisation

Entities that will perform a transportation in abnormal conditions and with abnormal (out-of-norm) vehicles according to the provisions of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania, along Milot – Morinë highway, must submit in advance a request to the concession company “Albanian Highway Concession” Ltd. for the issuance of a special authorization for this type of circulation (transportation).


Applications for obtaining a traffic authorization for abnormal vehicles or performing transportation in abnormal conditions, must be submitted in writing to the concession company “Albanian Highway Concession” Ltd., at least 15 days before the fixed date of the transportation, or the required start date of the authorization. This time limit may be reduced for public interest, declared by the relevant authorities.


Abnormal-load vehicles can be used only by enterprises or companies that exercise by law the activity of transportation in abnormal conditions. The registration of these vehicles can be done only in the name of these companies.


The request for authorization must be accompanied by a declaration of responsibility, signed according to the legal forms, which determines the compliance, in any case of loading of all other technical conditions required in Article 16 and all limits of the measure defined in Article 62 of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania. Only the indication of the size, maximum transport limits is given in the authorization.


Without excluding the obligation for control by the issuing authority, for transportation in abnormal conditions and with abnormal (out-of-norm) vehicles from the height, the applicants of the authorization must verify and declare that they have performed the verification and that in the entire envisaged itinerary there are no power lines, which condition a free space less than 0.4m, and works of art that condition a space of less than 0.2m above the gauge in height.


Requests for authorization must be accompanied by all necessary legal and technical supporting documentation, including:


  • Relevant Permits/Licenses;
  • A notarized photocopy of the vehicle registration certificate and booklet, from which maximum dimensions and measures results, known as permissible and, in the case of vehicle complexes, the traction vehicle with trailer or semi-trailer capabilities. When from the above documents maximum axle loads do not result, these must be certified by the manufacturing plant or the relevant body;
  • Declaration of verification of power lines (point 6 Article 13 of the Regulation) when provided;
  • Declaration of compliance with the technical conditions (Article 16 of the Regulation);
  • Declaration of compliance of defined mass limits, according to article 62 of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania.


In requests for authorization, the applicant must indicate with a special note, referring to the type of authorization he requests:


  • Carrier data;
  • Itinerary required to complete the transportation (Place of departure – place of arrival);
  • The time period in which the transition will take place;
  • Number of trips;
  • Vehicle (s) for carrying out the transportation (Name of the manufacturer of vehicles and license plates of these vehicles, which will be authorized to carry out operations, etc.)
  • Maximum dimensions of the vehicle / s out of norm in accordance with the license plates to be authorized (width, height, length);
  • Maximum dimensions of the load to be transported (width, height, length);
  • General description of the cargo and its packaging
  • To document the ability of the vehicle and the complex of vehicles to respect, in each combination, all the limits of the measure defined by article 62 of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania and the size limits fixed in the authorization;
  • Document the main characteristics of the vehicle or complex of vehicles that will be used for the transportation.


The authorization is conditioned by the payment of possible costs for:


  • Technical verifications (control of bridges, control of the road layer after a significant traffic of abnormal loads, general condition of the highway, etc.);
  • Traffic organization, when it is necessary to perform the transportation, as well as
  • Patrol during the highway;
  • Reinforcing works of art;
  • Technical Support / Technical Assistance;
  • Expenses for administrative practice, etc.;
  • The fare related to journey that the carrier will do along the highway;
  • Special insurance policy or a bail contract, etc.….


After the written request, the subjects will be notified for the respective authorization as well as the payment they have to make, referring to Law No. 8378, dated 22.07.1998 “Road Code of the Republic of Albania” (amended), Decision No. 153, dated 07.04 .2000 “On the Approval of the Regulation for the Implementation of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania” (amended), the Concession Agreement for “Construction, Upgrade, Operation and Maintenance of the Milot – Morinë Highway” with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure approved by the Decision of Council of Ministers No. 870 dated 14.12.2016, published in the Official Gazette with No. 249 dated 27.12.2016.


As a consequence of:


  • Lack of relevant authorization issued by the concession company;
  • Non-compliance with the conditions set out in the authorization;
  • Lack of authorization;
  • When loading-transport vehicles are used for transporting goods other than those referred to in Article 54 (1) (l);
  • When using a vehicle that exceeds the load limit allowed by Article 62 of the Road Code of the Republic of Albania (RCRA), on roads and highways that are defined as impassable according to the requirements of Article 10 of the RCRA,


Referring to the legislation in force, the Relevant Authorities will prohibit the driver to continue the journey, until he obtains the relevant authorization or has fulfilled the conditions and requirements set out in the authorization, or if he does not have with him the authorization, the trip can only continue after the authorization is presented (submitted). In addition to the above, the relevant administrative measures provided by applicable law will be applied.