Digital Pass and Discount Scheme


The Concessionaire and the Contracting Authority have agreed to a discount scheme for Kukes County residents and for the frequent users, through the signed letter dated 29.08.2018.

In the discount scheme for the frequent users are included the following categories:

1.Vehicles of Kukes County residents

2.Buses from and to the Kukes County

3.Vehicles of frequent users


  • In the first category of vehicles of Kukes residents will be included the Class A and B of vehicles for personal use registered in the Kukes County. These vehicles will be supplied with Digital Pass and in one Digital Pass will not be registered more than 2 vehicles for each family. The road tariff for one passage for all the vehicles registered in Kukes County for the Class A will be 50 LEK VAT included, and for vehicles of Class B, 100 LEK VAT included. This tariff will be limited to non-more than 44 passages for one month, and available to be used within one month from the date of the payment of these passages (if this number is overpassed, than the user of Digital Pass will be charged according to the tariff as per the clause no. 11.4.5 of the Concession Agreement. The users of Kukes County will have to prepay for up to 44 passages, with this reduced tariff.
  • In the second category will be included the busses from and to Kukes County. The tariff for this category will be 100 LEK VAT included for one passage.
  • In the third category will be included the frequent users of the Milot-Morine Highway, which will be provided with Digital Pass and the number to be registered in one Digital Pass is limited in 2 vehicles. For the category “Frequent Users”, regardless of the vehicle class, the discount of the tariff will be done for passages number, as the system will record the number of the passages for each vehicle.
    • From 20 to 30 passages/month, the frequent user will be eligible to a discount of 10%
    • From 30 to 50 passages/month, the frequent user will be eligible to a discount of 20%
    • From 50 to 60 passages/month, the frequent user will be eligible to a discount of 30%
    • Over 60 passages/month, the frequent user will be eligible to a discount of 40%


For each of the above-mentioned categories the Concessionaire has prepared different packages to be used through the OBU (Digital Pass).


The price of the device OBU is 3500 LEK for the frequent users, while for the Kukes Residents is free of charge.

In the link below you my find the DCM no. 517, date 04.09.2018 for the Discount Scheme

In order not to use cash or debit/credit card payment, the Concessionaire has prepared yearly packages with no discount for the users which want to prepay the transits. The minimum transits to use the OBU with the yearly packages is 20 transits.

Variable Message Panels

Variable message panels are shiny structures installed along the Milot – Morine highway, on average every 10km, dedicated to transmitting information about the Highway situation, in real time.

Through Variable Message Panels, Highway users are informed before entering the Highway, giving them the opportunity to access it or not. These users are also informed along the way on the Highway, with brilliant messages about various events, incidents, open sites, traffic or atmospheric conditions.

Only during situations with normal traffic,  when there are no events to highlight, the panels transmit other typologies of messages, such as:

  • Road Safety and driving behavior (seat belt, safety distance, etc.…)
  • Services available on the Highway (Green Number, website, etc.…)

Currently on the Highway are installed 20 panels with variable messages.

Among other things, Variable Message Panels are for us a very important communication tool that we use to improve the behaviour in the direction of tools by users. Statistics show that over 90% of fatal accidents are caused as a result of misbehaviour by users.